HolyGlory Software is an Applications (Web/Mobile/Standalone) & Website Development and Management Group; that provide web applications and software solutions for your personal and business needs.

In the year 2019 alone, we designed https://nimetphcoop.com.ng, https://naijam.com.ng, https://lovebook.com.ng, https://dom.com.ng, https://pleasantsuccessschools.com, https://stardiamondattorneys.com.ng and https://fletsytravelslogistics.com; other websites include, https://raphaelclinic.neocities.org, https://poemsabacus.neocities.org and much more

HolyGlory Software also operates as a digital agency consisting of creative, intelligent and versatile group of Information and Software Technology specialists.

100% - Content and Database Information Management
100% - Consultancy and Training
100% - Software (Windows/Linux)
100% - Web Apps and Websites


1. Information System and Database Management
2. Software Training and Consultancy
3. Software Development (Linux, Windows)
4. Web App Programming and Website Design
5. Mobile/Web App development and deployment (Android, iOS, Windows)
6. Computer Based Assessment/Test (CBA/CBT) software for specific clients/schools
7. Product Concept Development
8. Visual and User Interface Designing
9. Online Content Management System (CMS) Integration

Software Coding

We create software codes, code snippets, scripts, stubs and plug-ins. We also develop personal, commercial, or enterprise-level programs of both Linux and Windows platforms for schools, institutions, Small & Medium Enterprises and corporate businesses .

Powerful & Affordable!

We offer software- and web-related consultancy services. When invited, we deliver talks on various web technology topics in seminars, online conferences etc. We do embark on teaching/tutorial services for schools and institutions on request.

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Digital Identity

We creatively and ingeniously design corporates logos, digital brands and identities for our clients. We help and guide our clients during the design process of their product's production phase.

plus tech support
Mobile/Web apps

We develop Apps for Android devices, iOS devices and BlackBerry 10. We also help in making our clients' App available in Google PlayStore, Apple AppStore, Windows Store and Blackberry AppStore.

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Our Works & Products

We design and create excellent products for our customers using the best technological tools available. Our customers' and clients' satisfaction is our concern.

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NairaMoney (Complete Network Business Suite)

Multi-CASH Naira Channels (Supply & Multiply)

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PoetryAbacus® [2007-2016]
Research in Aviation Weather Software (RAWS) Released 26/05/2018
See Screenshots of Research in Aviation Weather Software (RAWS)

RAWS is an operational/educational research tool for aeronautical meteorological observers and forecasters. It can generate both TACs and TDCFs for aviation purposes.

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